Punishment is not a Public Health Strategy: A Webinar on the Criminalization of Viral Hepatitis (2018)

CHLP VH Webinar Graphic.jpg

The Center for HIV Law and Policy, Harm Reduction Coalition, and the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable presented a webinar on the criminalization of viral hepatitis, focusing on the intersections between harm reduction principles, current trends in syringe service programs and treatment access for viral hepatitis, and efforts to reform laws criminalizing HIV and viral hepatitis. This webinar seeks to jump start advocacy efforts to address the criminalization of viral hepatitis across the country. You can also opt into regular communications about these efforts on the webinar registration form. We intend to follow up a small November convening on these issues with another webinar to report out on progress and next steps.

Arpita Appannagari is National Community Outreach Coordinator at the Center for HIV Law and Policy. 
Kate Boulton is an attorney at the Center for HIV Law and Policy. 
Mike Selick, MSW, is the Hepatitis C Training and Policy Manager at the Harm Reduction Coalition. 
Tina Broder, MSW, MPH, is the Interim Executive Director, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable. (Not pictured.)

For more background information, refer to this fact sheet released by CHLP, HRC, and NVHR.

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