The system of laws governing the armed forces is distinct from the federal and state regulations typically imposed on civilian populations. Military laws acknowledge that, compared to civilians, service members are subject to different duties and standards of conduct based on their roles as members of the national defense. Military policies and regulations – most of them codified in the Uniform Code of Military Justice – set forth consequences for conduct by service members living with or at risk of HIV.

This HIV Policy Resource Bank category includes policies and regulations, primers, scholarly articles, military tribunal cases, and other resources related to HIV and the military.

For more information and legal analysis on the prosecution of HIV-related offenses in the U.S. Military, download Federal Law including U.S. Military, an excerpt from CHLP’s HIV Criminalization in the U.S. A Sourcebook on State Fed HIV Criminal Law and Practice. Note that while we have made every effort to ensure that this information is correct and current, the law is regularly changing, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. This information may not be applicable to your specific situation and is not, and should not be relied upon, as a substitute for legal advice.