Published February, 2014

AIDS and the Law in New Jersey: A Practical Guide (Second Ed.), New Jersey State Bar Foundation and the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation (2006)

Presented in Q&A format, this guide provides brief explanations to complex questions regarding confidentiality, finances, immigration, insurance, schools, military, legal documentation, and other topics relevant to people living with HIV. People with HIV and community service providers may find this as a useful starting point when faced with legal questions. Aside from some basic definitions, many of the queries posed in the guide cannot be answered simply and will be dependent on other factors. While this is a good place to start if you think you or someone you know may have been a victim of discrimination based upon a diagnosis of HIV, it is not recommended that this guide be used in place of advice from an attorney.

Note: This guide is based upon resources and laws in the United States and New Jersey prior to 2006. It is recommended that readers conduct further research into possible changes in the law or consult an attorney for further assistance. Additional resources can also be found in The Center for HIV Law and Policy’s HIV Policy Resource Bank.