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Upcoming Symposium. Addressing the Legal and Human Rights Needs of Youth at Risk for and Living with HIV an Adolescent & Young Adult Scientific Working Group Symposium hosted by The Center for AIDS Research at Johns Hopkins University featuring CHLP Executive Director Catherine Hanssens and Chris Beyrer, Rob Garofalo, Gabrield Maldonado and Darnell Moore. Register Today!
Catherine Hanssens
Founder/Executive Director
The collateral consequences of HIV stigma can last a lifetime.
Allison Nichol
Co-Director, CHLP
CHLP Co-Director Allison Nichol blogs about two important new publications from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that serve as guides to the rights of people living with HIV in an employment context.
Catherine Hanssens
Executive Director/Founder, CHLP
Brad Barber and Bronwen Lichtenstein's new article, Support for HIV Testing and HIV Criminalization Among Offenders Under Community Supervision, is the first research of its kind to investigate possible links between HIV criminalization and barriers to HIV prevention and care among convicted offenders.
The LGBT/HIV Criminal Justice Working Group (Working Group) is an advocacy coalition of over 30 organizations committed to addressing the grave inequalities and human rights violations faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and people living with HIV.


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