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HIV Can Still Land You In Jail

Catherine Hanssens
What can be done to stop misinformation in the form of criminal law?
"What struck me most as I browsed the report and heard the speakers was how widespread criminalization is, and how it is all based on 'crimes of identity,' that is, by virtue of the fact that someone is gay, or an LGBT immigrant, or a transgendered person who dares to carry a condom, or a person with HIV."
Courts must heed evidence to prevent miscarriage of justice that undermines public health response to epidemic.
Iowa Representative Chip Baltimore, R-Boone (Photo: Bryon Houlgrave/The Register)
Iowa's HIV criminalization law has harmed the lives of innocent people.
Deon Haywood in the Women with a Vision office; May 24, 2012. Photograph by Eliot Kamenitz/The Times-Picayune/Lando

HIV’s Grip on the American South Draws Much-Needed Attention to the AIDS Crisis in the American South

Scott Campbell
Executive Director, Elton John AIDS Foundation
New Yorker article on Women With A Vision draws much-needed attention to the AIDS crisis in the American South.

A Lamentable Example of Overcriminalization: HIV Criminalization

Norman L. Reimer
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Executive Director