Published January, 2009

State Policies in Brief: Minors' Access to STI Services, Guttmacher Institute (2009)

This state-by-state reference sheet provides the relevant laws granting minors authority to consent to STI services and HIV testing and treatment. It also outlines the confidentiality protections afforded to minors seeking these services. According to the report, all fifty states and the District of Colombia allow, with some minimum age exceptions, minors to consent to testing and treatment for STIs. Thirty-one states explicitly include testing and treatment for HIV, and eighteen states allow, but do not require, physicians to inform parents that their minor child is seeking or receiving STI/HIV services. One state requires parental notification in the case of a positive HIV test. This reference sheet is useful but it does not necessarily contain the nuances of these legal issues. The most reliable way to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness is to read a state’s specific laws and regulations; thus, as with all reference sheets, advocates should verify all information provided.

Because the reference sheet is updated regularly, we have posted a link to allow access to the most recent version available.