Published January, 2007

Reproductive Choice for Women and Men Living with HIV: Contraception, Abortion and Fertility, Therese Delvaux and Christiana Nostlinger (2007)

(The following summary is excerpted from the article's abstract):
This paper reviews the literature on the fertility-related needs of women and men living with HIV and how the entry points represented by family planning, sexually transmitted infection and HIV-related services can ensure access to contraception, abortion and fertility services for women and men living with HIV. Most contraceptive methods are safe and effective for HIV positive women and men. The existing range of contraceptive options should be available to people living with HIV, along with more information about and access to emergency contraception. Potential drug interaction must be considered between hormonal contraception and treatment for tuberculosis and certain antiretroviral drugs. Couples living with HIV who wish to use a permanent contraceptive method should have access to female sterilization and vasectomy in an informed manner, free of coercion. The authors note that promoting use condoms and dual protection, and makes them acceptable in long term-relationships remains a challenge. Simple and cost-effective procedures to reduce the risk of vertical transmission should be part of counselling for women and men living with HIV who are considering having children. Support for the reproductive rights of people with HIV should be a true priority. However, more research on best practices would be useful.