Published March, 2012

Letter to President Obama Regarding the Human Rights of People Living with HIV, 30 for 30 Campaign (2012)

The 30 for 30 Campaign, of which the Center for HIV Law and Policy is a member organization, drafted this letter to President Obama to declare that human rights be included in all HIV interventions, including access to integrated health, social, and support services and policies to end HIV-based discrimination. The 30 for 30 Campaign, a group dedicated to ensuring that the unique needs of women living with and affected by HIV are addressed in the national HIV response, and allied organizations detailed eight priorities for protecting the human rights of people affected by HIV. These priorities include the need to take concrete action against HIV criminalization and to reaffirm the sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls. The letter also encourages President Obama to deliver a speech at the 2012 International AIDS Conference that commits to the promises set out in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy to attack HIV-related stigma and discrimination.