Published January, 2009

HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2007)

These slides provide detailed charts and graphs demonstrating HIV rates and trends among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States through 2007. Charts are included demonstrating the estimated numbers and percentages of AIDS cases among MSM 1985-2007, as well as the estimated numbers and percentages of HIV/AIDS cases among MSM categorized by transmission category, race and ethnicity,  region of the country, and age group.

Results demonstrate that the number of HIV/AIDS cases among MSM is growing fastest among young, African-American MSM and that a disproportionate number of MSM living with HIV are Africa-American MSM living in the South. While 35-44 year-olds still account for the largest number of cases among MSM, there was a sharp increase in cases among 13-24 year-olds between 2004-2007. Among MSM aged 13-24 years, African-Americans accounted for 62% of HIV/AIDS cases in 2007. Among all ages, African-American MSM comprised a disproportionate percentage of estimated HIV/AIDS cases among MSM in 2007, accounting for 39% of cases with Hispanic/Latino MSM accounting for 19% of cases and white MSM accounting for 40% of cases. While the number of HIV/AIDS cases among MSM, in the same age group, increased for African-Americans, white and Hispanic/Latino MSM numbers showed slight increases between 2004 and 2007. A graph included in this presentation demonstrates that this increase was sharpest among African-American MSM. The results also demonstrate that, in 2007, the South had nearly twice as many AIDS cases among MSM as any other region, with African Americans accounting for the largest ethnic group, followed by whites and then Hispanics/Latinos.