Published July, 2013

HIV Testing In Recent College Students: Prevalence and Correlates, Kimberly M. Caldeira et al., AIDS Education and Prevention (2012)

This study examines the prevalence of HIV testing among unmarried college students across the United States. The researchers found testing to be more prevalent among women (49.8%) than men (32.9%), and among non-heterosexuals (77.7%) than heterosexuals (39.8%). Blacks and Latinos are more likely to get tested than whites, and Asians less likely than whites. People who are alcohol and other drug (AOD) dependent are more likely to get tested than those without AOD dependency, possibly because substance abuse and high-risk sexual behaviors are highly correlated. The researchers acknowledge the possibility of self-report bias and design limitations; participants from only one university were included in the study, despite the wide disparities between individual universities' HIV testing rates.