Published November, 2006

Global Networking for AIDS, Law & Human Rights: A Satellite of the XVI International AIDS Conference, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (2006)

In August 2006, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network hosted a ground-breaking meeting of experts on HIV/AIDS, law and human rights, including civil society leaders from Africa, the Americas, Asia and central and eastern Europe. The meeting, held as a satellite to the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, resulted in the identification of needs for experience-sharing and technical support with respect to rights of sex workers, rights of women, rights of people who use drugs, HIV and prisons, protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation, and human rights issues related to HIV testing. Ideas for sharing of information and experiences were suggested, including the Center for HIV Law and Policy's clearinghouse model of collection, banking and disseminating materials. The report is also available in French, Spanish and Russian at