Diagnosis, Prevention and Access to Care in the U.S., Slide Presentation, Kaiser Permanente/Michael Horberg (2006)

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Kaiser Permanente, the second largest provider of HIV care in the U.S., combines a health plan, hospitals and medical groups located in multiple communities throughout California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington State, and has over 16,000 active HIV positive patients in care. KPA's philosophy is that HIV testing is a process that includes an antibody test with pre- and post-test counseling, patient education, and procedures to handle newly identified cases, convey test results, and discuss risk behavior, sexuality, and STD testing; counseling and the frequency of testing are determined individually. Ninety percent of KPA's HIV patients are in care within 120 days of diagnosis, and their mortality rate is lower than the national average.