Comments on the May 2005 Draft Report of the New York City Commission on HIV/AIDS, Sisters Mobilized for AIDS Research and Treatment (SMART)

Letters and Other Advocacy Documents

Responding to the May 2005 draft report of the New York City Commission on HIV/AIDS, the Center for HIV Law and Policy drafted comments on behalf of SMART, Inc (Sisters Mobilized for AIDS Research and Treatment). SMART and CHLP endorsed many of the Commission's recommendations, such as support for harm reduction and increased sexuality education in schools. However, these comments draw attention to the report's failure to address other areas of prevention sufficiently, including a lack of focus on local advocacy on development of microbicides, the most promising prevention technology for women currently in research; steps to improve deadly systemic deficiencies in HIV care for the incarcerated; specifics on improving sexuality education in schools; and effective measures to reduce stigma. The comments also challenge the report's focus on prevention through routinized testing and partner notification, often at the expense of adequate counseling and education for both HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals.

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