World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.

Today is World AIDS Day. Three decades into the HIV epidemic, it is shameful and unacceptable that people living with HIV are punished for going to school or camp, finding and keeping a job, and having a sex life and kids. Even in 2013, people with HIV are still being excluded, discriminated, and criminally prosecuted for trying to do each of these routines of everyday life.

Bayard Rustin said, “the proof that one truly believes is in action.” If you believe that the treatment of persons living with HIV is an important social justice and civil rights issue - take action. Call for an end to HIV criminalization – the use of criminal law to penalize people living with HIV for conduct that would be indisputably legal if they did not get tested or know their status. Endorse the Consensus Statement on HIV Criminalization. Share resources from CHLP's HIV Policy Resource Bank, including Spit Does Not Transmit and the HIV Criminalization Palm Card.

Let's stand up for the rights of people living with HIV, and call for an end to discrimination and stigma.