People not Clusters: Breaking down Molecular HIV Surveillance with Advocates

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CHLP's Amir Sadeghi joins Positive Women's Network - USA for a training in the People Not Clusters: Breaking down Molecular HIV Surveillance with Advocates series. On Tuesday, June 25 at 5p ET the topic is "How to Talk about MHS" with:

  • Antoinette Jones, Positive Women's Network-USA (Facilitator)
  • Amir Sadeghi, Center for HIV Law and Policy (CHLP)
  • Barb Cardell, Positive Women's Network-USA
  • Melanie Reese, Positive Women's Network Maryland State Lead

The personal medical information of people living with HIV is being used for surveillance purposes without meaningfully involving us in program planning, without informed consent, and even without our knowledge. This controversial practice is known as Molecular HIV Surveillance (MHS) and Cluster Detection and Response (CDR) and can be especially dangerous for communities that are already hyper-policed and over-surveilled, e.g. Black, Latine, Indigenous, queer and trans communities, sex workers.

Talking about MHS can be challenging. After this conversation, you will have the tools you need to confidently ask questions, answer questions and demand data privacy and human rights for people living with HIV.  It's also important for anyone who cares about human rights, bodily autonomy, and health data privacy. This webinar will help advocates break down MHS in everyday terms and fight for meaningful change on the state and local levels.