Published August, 2004

United States and New York City Department of Corrections, Settlement Agreement (2004)

To ensure that the New York City Department of Corrections (DOC) fulfills its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the U.S. Attorney's Office negotiated this settlement agreement after an inmate lodged a complaint against the DOC alleging violations of the ADA. The terms of the agreement require that DOC designate a Disability Rights Coordinator for Inmates. The terms further explain what the duties and responsibilities of the coordinator will be, as well as what qualifications and training the coordinator must have. DOC must also establish and publish a grievance procedure for disabled inmates who receive differential treatment on the basis of their disability. The agreement requires that DOC submit all written materials required by the agreement to the U.S. Attorney for approval. DOC must then submit an annual report to the U.S. Attorney describing any actions taken by the coordinator. The agreement makes it clear that the U.S. Attorney plans to enforce the agreement and will refrain from bringing any civil action against DOC as long as DOC complies with the terms of the agreement.