Published January, 2012

Teen SENSE Model Standards: Sexual Health Literacy for Youth in State Custody, The Center for HIV Law and Policy (2012)

Teen SENSE Model Standards: Sexual Health Literacy for Youth in State Custody reflects the minimum requirements that facilities should meet in order to appropriately address the sexual health literacy needs of youth in the state's care. The standards are not a curriculum; rather, they describe the key concepts young people must fully understand to make well-informed decisions related to their sexual and reproductive health. These concepts include at least basic information related to pregnancy, STI and HIV transmission and prevention, sexual violence, and LGBTQ discrimination; referrals and contact information for sexual and reproductive health care providers; and information on the nature and forms of sexual violence, abuse, and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. They set forth the principles and standards to which instruction and instructors should adhere to create a comfortable and effective learning environment.

The standards are divided into three components: Content Goals, Instructional Characteristics, and Instructor Characteristics. 

They are intended for use by facility staff, advocates, medical professionals, and direct services providers who work with youth in state custody settings.