Published February, 2013

Settlement Agreement between The United States of America and the Castlewood Treatment Center, LLC Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (2013)

This settlement resolves allegations that the Castlewood Treatment Center violated the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) by refusing to treat a woman for a serious eating disorder on the basis of her HIV
infection. Despite Castlewood's determination that the complainant was qualified to receive treatment from the facility and advice from its medical staff that they were able to treat someone with HIV, Castlewood refused to treat the complainant. In particular, Castlewood told that complainant that it would not take her "due to her HIV" and that is was Castlewood's policy to not "accept clients with high risk communicable diseases." Castlewood delayed the complainant's enrollment for several months, during which time the woman's eating disorder worsened, and she reported stress, anxiety, depression, and general emotional distress.

The Department of Justice found that Castlewood discriminated against the complainant on the basis of her HIV status. The settlement required Castlewood Treatment Center to pay $115,000 to the complainant and $25,000 in civil penalties. Castlewood is also required to train its staff on the ADA as well as develop and implement an antidiscrimination policy.