Published April, 2017

The Rights of Youth In State Custody to Comprehensive Sexual Health Care, The Center for HIV Law and Policy (2017)

Sexual health care for adolescents—including disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and literacy in human sexuality—is central to reaching and maintaining a healthy adulthood. This aspect of health care is particularly important for youth in state custody, who are at increased risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV.

Despite the extraordinary need, and the corresponding opportunity for intervention, most states have little or nothing in the way of explicit policies ensuring youth have access to sexual health services.

The Center for HIV Law and Policy is coordinating a national campaign for written policies that guarantee youth in state custody access to these services. To get involved in our national sexual health care campaign or get more information on the sexual health rights of youth in state custody, Contact Arpita Appannagari at [email protected], call 212.430.6733, or visit our TeenSENSE page.