Published June, 2021

Policy Barriers to Ending the HIV Epidemic for Transgender People of Color in NC and SC: TRANSforming the Carolinas, Simmons, Ames; Rice, Allison; Kowalczyk, Krista (June 2020)

Transforming the Carolinas offers an assessment of policies in North Carolina and South Carolina that could threaten the end of the HIV epidemic for transgender people of color in those states. This report provides a high-level assessment of policy at the state and municipal[levels in both states, taking a broad, systems-level approach. The report focuses on the lack of statewide protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status or disability, or gender dysphoria disability; the criminalization of HIV; barriers to effective healthcare, including both states’ failure to expand Medicaid; and social determinants of health, such as inadequate protections against discrimination in employment, housing or provision of health care services.