Perspectives Related to the Potential Use of Vaginal Microbicides Among Drug-Involved Women: Focus Groups in Three Cities in the United States and Puerto Rico, Theresa H. Mason et al., 7 AIDS and Behavior 339 (2003)

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This article presents results of focus groups of drug-involved women who have sex with men, conducted in Bridgeport, CT, Providence, RI, and San Juan, PR, to assess interest in and openness to using microbicides for prevention of HIV transmission in the event micorbicides become available. The results showed motivation and openness to using microbicides, with no contrasting responses based on racial or ethnic groups or type of drugs used. The article also describes how aspects of women's different sexual lives—including sex work—might affect issues of concern to them if and when they used microbicides. The article was provided by research and consulting firm Abt Associates.