Published August, 2005

Intensifying HIV Prevention: UNAIDS Policy Position Paper (2005)

This UNAIDS policy paper is aimed at those with a leadership role in HIV prevention, treatment and care. It highlights the need for strengthening HIV prevention, key actions for an effective response, and core principles underlying these actions. While it appears to be intended primarily for low-income countries, the content is relevant for any efforts to overcome barriers to increased prevention efforts. The paper addresses barriers such as limited capacity to track and demonstrate the results of HIV-prevention programs; the lack of effective and efficient coordination of stakeholders; and limited institutional and human capacity to manage and deliver HIV-prevention programs. The paper also identifies essential policy actions, such as building and maintaining leadership from all sections of society, including people with HIV, and supporting the mobilization of community-based actions. To the extent that the policy position paper focuses on problems inherent in low-income countries, it provides a useful framework for those working in resource-poor areas of any country, including the United States.