A Human Rights-Based Commentary on UNAIDS Guidance: HIV & Sex Work, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (2007)

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This commentary, published by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and endorsed by more than 40 organizations around the world, including the Center for HIV Law and Policy, is a comprehensive, excellent critique the the April 2007 UNAIDS Guidane Note on HIV and Sex Work. Noting the Guidance Note's inconsistency with prior UN statements on the importance of protecting of sex workers' basic rights, the commentary addresses UNAIDS' failure "to consider seriously the precarious human rights situation of sex workers, and the way abusive and violent poicing and ill-conceived national laws undermine sex workers' rights. It also fails to discuss the human rights of sex workers as workers, including their right to work, their right to a livelihood of their choosing, and their right to workplace safety."