HPV Vaccination to Prevent HIV Infection: Time for Randomized Controlled Trials. Maarten F. Schim van der Loeff, MD, PhD et al. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES, Volume 38, Number 7, July 2011

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This article argues for randomized controlled trials that test the use of human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines as an intervention to prevent HIV infection. There are many studies showing that having certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs) increases the risk of being infected with HIV, and recent observational studies suggest HPV may have the same effect. Because it is very difficult to control fully for sexual behavior in observational studies, randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm this link. Since HPV is the most common STI and HPV vaccines are now available, HPV vaccines might be viable as an HIV prevention method. After discussing the ethical issues at hand, including that the vaccine is currently standard of care only for girls and women, the authors recommend a randomized controlled trial of the efficacy of HPV vaccines in HIV prevention.

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