Published June, 2008

HIV and International Labour Migration: Policy Brief, UNAIDS, International Labour Organization, International Organization for Migration (2008)

This UNAIDS policy brief is a response to the increasing importance of international labour migration to the global economy and the unique HIV-related risks facing international workers. Published in June 2008, it outlines the HIV-related risks that can arise from cultural alienation, language barriers, exploitive working conditions, and the exclusion of international labourers from proper health care programs. A particular emphasis is placed on the issues facing female workers, who are at risk of sexual abuse, exploitation, and forced entry into the commercial sex trade. The obstacles faced by labourers already HIV-positive, including deportation and exclusion from national health care problems, are also described. This brief calls for international and regional strategies to end discriminatory immigration laws; establish gender, language, and culturally sensitive HIV programs for international laborers; and prevent excluding these laborers from critical insurance and health care programs. Brief testimonials from business and political organization are included and provide examples of the type of programs that can be established to address the HIV-related problems of international migrants.