Published April, 2021

To End the HIV Epidemic, Health Care Professionals Need Sexual Health Literacy, CHLP (2021)

This CHLP fact sheet outlines the reasons for and benefits of this New York legislation to require sexual health literacy training as a requirement of health care professional licensing. Central among those is the need to engage communities affected by HIV in testing and treatment in order to end the HIV epidemic in New York State. Research shows that many physicians are uncomfortable discussing sex or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) with their patients. The bill addresses that problem, which in part may explain data showing continuing high rates of STIs and the failure of many doctors to offer HIV testing to their patients.
To address this critical sexual health literacy gap in New York State, CHLP is supporting the passage of Assembly Bill A3864 (Rosenthal, L., District 67). This legislation will require continuing medical education (CME) training in sexual health for licensed health care providers in New York State.