Published January, 2009

2009-2010 HIV/AIDS Health Care Policy Brief and Recommendations, Southern AIDS Coalition

This policy brief was issued to address the need for health care reform that comprehensively addresses the public need of those living with HIV/AIDS, particularly in the Southern United States. As the brief discusses, HIV/AIDS disproportionately affects the South, which reports the highest number of new AIDS cases as well as the smallest decrease in deaths due to AIDS. The policy brief discusses the obstacles the South faces due to a growing number of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and budget cuts that have resulted in diminished management, treatment, and prevention services. It makes specific policy recommendations, including the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act, prioritization of prevention, expansion of connection to care, ensuring access to care and treatment, establishing standards of care and treatment, the involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS and providers in the reform process, and ensuring the state's ability to implement federal mandates in a challenging economic environment.