You Can Help CHLP Support Legal Services for People with HIV in the Southern U.S.

The Center for HIV Law & Policy is conducting a brief survey to identify the legal services needs of people living with HIV in the South. The people most vulnerable to HIV are the same people who are most often in need of legal services to help them secure the basic necessities in life, including safe housing, employment free of discrimination, and equal access to health care. Access to affordable legal services is therefore a key component of the overall service needs of people with HIV. Unfortunately, access to legal services is not guaranteed and, in some parts of the country, is not even available. This is especially true in the South where a few dedicated providers have shouldered the legal services load for people with HIV.

The Center for HIV Law & Policy intends to help bridge this gap in necessary services by making available resources for legal and community advocates assisting people with HIV. In order to do this effectively, it is critical that we hear from people with HIV in the South, as well as their advocates, to inform us about which needs are most critical and how those needs might be met. Your answers to the questions in this survey will help us reach that goal.

To respond to our short, anonymous survey, click here to go directly to the first question. From there, just follow the prompts and your responses will be recorded automatically. We will be accepting responses through Friday, July 10, 2009.

Thank you very much for your assistance.