Webinar: Policing Pandemics: Criminalization From HIV to COVID-19 (2020)

Infographic for Policing Pandemics

On Wednesday, April 16, The Body hosted a livestream panel discussion entitled “Policing Pandemics: Criminalization From HIV to COVID-19.” CHLP Executive Director Catherine Hanssens joined HIV advocates in speaking about our current moment, offering guidance on what to do next, and answering questions from the audience. The panel was moderated by The Body's Senior Editor Kenyon Farrow and Associate Editor Mathew Rodriguez. 


  • Breanna Diaz, the policy director at Positive Women’s Network-USA
  • Catherine Hanssens, the executive director of the Center for HIV Law and Policy
  • Trevor Hoppe, an assistant professor of sociology at University of North Carolina-Greensboro and the author of Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness
  • Andrea Ritchie, a researcher at the Interrupting Criminalization Project, as well as the author of Invisible: No More Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color

Click here to view the webinar online or read the transcript.


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