TheBodyPro Interviews CHLP's Amir Sadeghi and Health Experts on Sexual Health Literacy Legislation in New York State

Triptych of Michelle, Amir and Katy

TheBodyPro's Terri Wilder recently spoke with Amir Sadeghi, national policy and partner strategist at CHLP; Michelle Collins-Ogle, M.D., a clinical HIV specialist and national leader in developing best practices for comprehensive rural HIV care; and Kathleen Bernock, FNP-BC, a family nurse practitioner and the president of the Greater NY Association of Nurses in AIDS Care about the new legislation and how it will support Ending the HIV Epidemic (EtE) efforts. In January, New York State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal introduced Bill A3864, which would require state-licensed health care providers to complete course work or training in sexual health, including how to open a dialogue about sex, STIs, and HIV. 

Read the interview: Sexual Health Literacy for Providers Is Crucial to Ending the HIV Epidemic

The interview follow up on an April news conference held by CHLP featuring New York state and national organizations and experts who joined Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal in support of A3864, her bill to remedy a serious gap in continuing medical education requirements for licensed medical professionals. A3864 will require licensed health care providers to complete training in sexual health, including how to talk to patients about sex, STIs and HIV. Experts believe that this kind of training is needed to address the mistrust and discrimination that communities hit hardest by HIV and STIs continue to experience.

Watch the news conference: Advocates Celebrate A3864 and Sexual Health Literacy for Medical Professionals


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