International AIDS Conference: Medical/Legal Partnerships (2014)

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On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, will feature a workshop session entitled Medical-Legal Partnerships: Building Effective Strategies for HIV Policy Initiatives.

Planned and organized by Catherine Hanssens of CHLP, Carole Treston of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, Darren Russell, Director of Sexual Health at Cairns Base Hospital, Brad Sears of the Williams Institute, and Michael Horberg of the Presidential Advisory Commission on HIV/AIDS, the panel will explore collaborative partnerships between physicians, nurses, attorneys, and community advocates to advance HIV public policy.

Using current successful case studies, this workshop will demonstrate how medical-legal partner- ships have been used to change policy and mobilize communities. The workshop will examine the mobilization of nurses in the United States to advocate for syringe exchange legislation, and the creation of clinical/community partnerships to influence Australian immigration policies.

The workshop will increase understanding of the synergistic partnerships between medical and legal professionals; illustrate the process for building such partnerships; and identify the HIV policy issues that would benefit from similar efforts.

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