Decriminalizing HIV: An ACT UP NY Webinar (2020)

Decriminalizing HIV panelist graphic with 4 photos

CHLP's Amir Sadeghi joins this ACT UP NY webinar on Thursday, October 29th at 6pm ET to unpack the criminalization of people living with HIV, and provide a national-legal overview of reforms to disease-specific criminal law. With that background, you will also hear from state-level advocates on reform campaigns in Nevada and Virginia, giving additional perspective on lessons you can incorporate into your own HIV decriminalization advocacy.


  • Amir Sadeghi, National Policy and Partner Strategist, Center for HIV Law and Policy
  • Deirdre Johnson, Co-founder, Ending Criminalization of HIV and Overincarceration in Virginia
  • Davina Conner, Activist and podcaster
  • Connie Shearer, Advocate and blogger

Click link to join the webinar 

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