CHLP Joins The Well Project for Webinar on Breastfeeding, HIV and Criminalization

Infant feeding webinar panelist graphic with two photos

On Tuesday, June 14, at 2pm ET, CHLP's Catherine Hanssens joins The Well Project's Ciarra Covin for Leadership Exchange LIVE (BEEEBAH edition). Ci Ci relates her personal experiences as a woman living with HIV, new parent, and advocate; Catherine shares insights from her work as an attorney who has been active in HIV legal and policy issues since 1984.

BEEEBAH (Building Equity, Ethics, and Education on Breastfeeding and HIV) is a three-year program launched earlier this year by The Well Project. This series of exchanges with various thoughtleaders on breast/chestfeeding and HIV is essential to the effort to raise awareness, inspire action, and ensure that women living with HIV can experience their fundamental right to make informed, uncoerced infant-feeding decisions. 

Use this link to join:

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