The DOJ Findings on the ADA in Tennessee, Part 1: Exploring the Facts

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As a result of a complaint filed by CHLP, the Department of Justice found that Tennessee’s enforcement of the aggravated prostitution statute against people living with HIV violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

The historic findings are a result of the application of innovative strategies to challenge HIV criminalization statutes as a violation of federal laws that prohibit disability-based discrimination. 

CHLP with the Equality Federation is presenting a three-part webinar series to talk about what it all means and how it might impact HIV advocacy. This first installment took place on Tuesday, December 19.


  • S. Mandisa Moore-O’Neal, Executive Director, CHLP, discusses the Department of Justice and its history through a Black abolitionist lens;
  • Bianca Laureano, PhD, MA, CSE, CSES, award-winning educator, disability justice scholar curriculum writer, and sexologist, talks about the history of the ADA, how ableism and stigma thrive together, and what the ADA offers;
  • Kae Greenberg, Staff Attorney, CHLP, provides an explainer on the DOJ’s 11-page findings letter and what comes next;
  • Mike Webb, Public Health Policy Strategist, Equality Federation, moderates the discussion and community Q&A. 

Watch the replay:

For a quick summary of the findings, see CHLP’s FAQ: The DOJ Findings in Tennessee: Frequently Asked Questions