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By Iván Espinoza-Madrigal
Legal Director, The Center for HIV Law and Policy

As immigration reform comes to the forefront in Congress, public health advocates should realize they have a dog in this fight. Basic legal protections for immigrants would allow many who would benefit from HIV diagnosis, treatment, and other health care to safely come out of the shadows.

At the beginning of this month, we lost John Falkenberg, a uniquely brilliant, generous and funny human being.  Several of his friends wrote remembrances, and they all sound a strikingly similar theme. We reprint them here to honor, in a very small way, a very big life.

By Catherine Hanssens, Executive Director, CHLP 

As visionary and organizer Bayard Rustin observed, the proof that one truly believes is in action. John Falkenberg was a true believer. 

By Susan Rodriguez, Founding Executive Director, SMART, Inc. 

He was truly a giant among us, a genius and a brilliant human being who was as humble as he was smart.

By Joseph Sonnabend, MD

Those of us who knew him have lost the very best of friends. 


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