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By Catherine Hanssens, Exec. Director & Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, Legal Director

Black men, people of color, queer people, transgender people, and those living with HIV historically have been perceived as inherently suspicious, dangerous, and threatening.

By Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Executive Director, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

The blog brings up some of the downsides of the immigration bill passed by the Senate.

By Catherine Hanssens, Exec. Director and Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, Legal Director

The Supreme Court may have dismantled DOMA but also diluted affirmative action and gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

By Iván Espinoza-Madrigal
Legal Director, The Center for HIV Law and Policy

As we hit milestones in the movement for LGBT equality in military bases and marriage license bureaus across the country perhaps we should adopt a new mantra for the next generation of our struggle: Leave No Queer Behind! If we embrace this principle, we will have no choice but to re-embrace the struggle to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination.


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