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On this National HIVAIDS and Aging Awareness Day, we are calling on our community, advocates, and policymakers to ensure that the specific needs and vulnerabilities of aging PLHIV are accounted for in their advocacy and included in ongoing national discussions and planning for the needs of America’s aging population.
Promotional image for National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on April 10
New CHLP blog for National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD) points out the importance of centering system-affected youth in national dialogues about sexual health and LGBTQ+ rights.
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Ending Criminalization Means Standing Up for Sex Workers

Delia Addo-Yobo
Staff Attorney
On International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, the struggle to end criminalization based on identity and health/disability-related bias is far from over. To secure real justice for those who are crushed by the horrific inequities of the criminal legal system, we need to be intentional about keeping the bigger picture in view and centering the concrete needs of the most marginalized, the most criminalized, and the most unheard.

Federal Funding of Law Enforcement: A Vehicle for Transformative Change?

Catherine Hanssens
Founding Executive Director
Might federal law enforcement grant programs be a vehicle for ending the criminalization of HIV?
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Demanding Accountability on National HIV Testing Day

Amir Sadeghi
National Policy and Partner Strategist
On National HIV Testing Day, we must hold public health professionals and agencies accountable -- by honoring principles of disability and racial justice, and protecting medical privacy and bodily autonomy, we improve the public’s health.
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The Power of the ADA to Challenge HIV Criminal Laws (2021)

Anne Kelsey
Staff Attorney, CHLP
How advocates can develop legal challenges to state HIV criminalization laws using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Promotional Image for International Day to end Violence Against Sex Workers
On December 17th, #IDEVASW, CHLP joins the sex work community’s fight to end violence, and challenges the violence and harm that criminalization of both health status and consensual victimless conduct cause to sex workers.
Image depicting handcuffs and the state of Missouri
A look at the key takeaways in the most recent Williams Institute report on HIV criminalization in Missouri in this blog by CHLP Interim Staff Attorney Marguerite Schauer.
ADA 30 Years Anniversary Logo
The ADA’s 30th birthday makes it a good time for a check-in in the blog by Interim Staff Attorney Anne Kelsey.
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CHLP Staff Attorney Jacob Schneider on how the COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the urgent need to reform juvenile justice for the tens of thousands of young people involved in our juvenile justice and child protective system.