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CHLP Executive Director S. Mandisa Moore-O’Neal talks with the Body about why it’s time for HIV leadership to move to a Black, feminist, abolitionist framework to shift power and counter systemic oppression, and what it means to support Black women in leadership.
CHLP releases a statement on PACHA's recommendations to the CDC on molecular HIV surveillance.
CHLP Executive Director S. Mandisa Moore-O'Neal spoke about the ongoing work to reform the HIV criminalization laws in Louisiana. “Our coalition tried unsuccessfully to get the lawmakers to modernize it in the way that we knew, based on data and based on experience, was really necessary,” said Mandisa Moore-O’Neal, co-founder of the Louisiana Coalition on Criminalization and Health.
The decision by the Virginia Supreme Court in Baughman v. Virginia validates the main argument in CHLP's amicus brief and ends the state’s latest efforts to indefinitely civilly commit activist Galen Baughman as a “sexually violent predator.”
The latest news on HIV criminalization from the Positive Justice Project, including an historic meeting of prosecutors at the White House, leadership changes at CHLP, and a report from AIDS 2022 in addition to state decriminalization updates.
Mandisa Moore-O’Neal will become Executive Director in October as Founder Catherine Hanssens steps into a strategy advisor role.
CHLP and the APA in partnership with the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, convened nearly 50 state prosecutors, attorneys general, federal officials and national infectious disease experts at the White House to consider concrete ways to modernize state criminal laws and the criminal justice response to HIV-specific criminal laws.


CHLP has compiled information on HIV laws in every state as they relate to HIV-specific criminal laws, guidelines for health care workers with HIV, youth access to STI testing and treatment, and HIV testing.

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