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  1. Preventing Discrimination in the Treatment of COVID-19 Patients: The Illegality of Medical Rationing on the Basis of Disability, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), 3/25/2020

    Federal and state nondiscrimination laws prohibit rationing measures that would result in the denial of needed care on the basis of disability. ...

    admin - 3/31/2020 11:47am

  2. Know Your Rights, Vermont – HIV, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), 2014

    HIV Know Your Rights, Vermont is a fact sheet created by Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) that summarizes the rights of people living with HIV in Vermont. It provides a description of how, both under Vermont and federal law, discriminatio ...

    admin - 6/20/2021 12:00pm

  3. Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS, Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (2011)

    Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) is a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program that seeks to provide stable housing for low-income people living with HIV and their families. This fact sheet analyzes variou ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2/14/2020 2:49pm

  4. EEOC’s New ADA Regulation: What Does it Mean for People with HIV? David W. Webber, (2011)

    On March 25, 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a new regulation implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended in 2008. This web site essay originally published in April 2011 by David W. Webber on ana ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 1/6/2018 12:03pm