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  1. 15 Ways HIV Criminalization Laws Harm Us All, Lambda Legal (2013)

    This pamphlet focuses on HIV criminalization laws as lacking adequate scientific and medical evidence. It outlines 15 ways these laws harm public health, result in unjust prosecutions, and serve primarily to stigmatize and oppress people with HIV. Lambda ...

    admin - 7/14/2014 11:21am

  2. From Sickness to Badness: The Criminalization of HIV in Michigan, Trevor Hoppe, Social Science & Medicine (2013)

    This article follows the development of the “criminalization of sickness” through “moralizing narratives of HIV infection that serve to construct HIV as a form of badness deserving of legal intervention and, thus, social control.” Through a case study of ...

    admin - 7/14/2014 10:55am

  3. HIV-Related Stigma: Protecting the Confidentiality of Clients Living with HIV/AIDS, Carolyn McAllaster (adapted from a manuscript co-written by Allison Rice, Senior Lecturing Fellow, Duke AIDS Legal Project) (2012)

    This manuscript serves as a guide to help attorneys understand the importance of protecting the confidentiality of clients living with HIV and how to ensure adequate protection. HIV-related stigma has many negative consequences: it undermines public healt ...

    admin - 5/16/2017 2:43pm