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  1. Language, Identity and HIV: Why Do We Keep Talking about the Responsible and Responsive Use of Language? Language Matters, Sophie Dilmitis et al., Journal of the International AIDS Society (June 2012)

    This article explores the use of language when discussing HIV and advocates for a shift toward more positive wording to empower HIV affected communities. The authors note that current medical language “focuses on managing, avoiding or eradicating disease, ...

    admin - 3/24/2014 11:50am

  2. Stories Absent from the Courtroom: Responding to Domestic Violence in the Context of HIV and AIDS, Jane K. Stoever, 82 N.C. L. Rev. 1157 (2009)

    This article explores the relationship between domestic violence and the victim’s HIV status. The presence of HIV or AIDS changes the very nature of domestic abuse, including partners threatening to disclose the victim’s status if he/she tries to leave th ...

    admin - 3/24/2014 12:01pm

  3. HIV Discrimination in Dental Care: Results of a Testing Study in Los Angeles County, Brad Sears, Christian Cooper, Fariba S. Younai, and Tom Donohoe, 45 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 909 (2012)

    Pervasive discrimination against people living with HIV persists in the health care field in violation of state and federal law. In a study of HIV discrimination in dental care in Los Angeles County, the authors found that refusal to provide services to p ...

    admin - 3/31/2016 9:55am

  4. Only Your Calamity: The Beginnings of Activism by and for People with AIDS, Joe Wright, MD, American Journal of Public Health (2013)

    This journal article discusses the origins and progression of HIV/AIDS activism in the United States in the 1980s. The author explains how the stigma and the phenomenon of "social death" (in which people are considered "as good as dead" ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 10/7/2013 4:29pm