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  1. The Criminalization of HIV and Hepatitis B and C in Missouri, The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law (2020)

    This report by The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, presents data from research on laws that criminalize HIV and hepatitis in Missouri. The data looks at the 593 arrests and 318 convictions for an HIV/hepatitis crime made in Missouri from 1990 thro ...

    admin - 8/27/2020 12:20pm

  2. The Grapevine: A Southern Trans Report: Prioritizing Issues Impacting Transgender, Gender Nonbinary, and Gender Nonconforming Southerners, Transgender Law Center and Southerners on New Ground (SONG) (2019)


    admin - 11/15/2020 11:22am

  3. Living at Risk: Transgender Women, HIV, and Human Rights in South Florida, Human Rights Watch (2018)

    Transgender women face myriad barriers to accessing the services and health care that they need, this Human Rights Watch study from South Florida demonstrates. While the findings are not novel, data documenting the issues is very useful for advocacy. ...

    admin - 3/9/2020 5:40pm