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  1. U.S. v. Bygrave, 46 M.J. 491 (1997).

    This is a United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces decision affirming the aggravated assault conviction of a man who transmitted HIV to a consensual sexual partner to whom he had previously disclosed his HIV status. Relying on U.S. v. Joseph, t ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 5/8/2013 1:46pm

  2. State v. Bird, Amicus Brief, Supreme Court of Ohio, Lambda Legal (August 7, 1997)

    Lambda Legal submitted this amicus brief on behalf of an HIV-positive defendant in an appeal of a criminal conviction for assault with a deadly weapon for spitting in a police officer's face. The brief argues that the defendant should not have been c ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 6/17/2021 9:50am