Ryan White Legal Services in Palm Beach County: An Overview, David J. Begley, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County (2008)

White Papers and Reports

This document provides an overview of Ryan White CARE Act funded legal services in Palm Beach County, Florida, and discusses the important linkage between legal services and medical care for people living with HIV. By helping people with HIV maintain their health insurance, remain employed, access public benefits, and understand their privacy rights, legal advocates are able to decrease barriers to care and support people in obtaining and retaining regular health care. As a result, even though funding is needed to provide the legal services, overall health care costs decrease because people are receiving care that helps maintain their good health. The connection between legal services and health care is obvious, and each year the burden on legal services providers increases as more and more people seek services. Unfortunately, funding for legal services under the Ryan White program has not increased to meet the increased demand, and the menu of services available to people with HIV is increasingly restricted. This document provides specific information about available services and funding amounts, which providers may use to support their advocacy for increased availability of legal services in order to reach improved health outcomes for people with HIV.