Networking for Policy Change - TB HIV Advocacy Training Manual, World Health Organization, Stop TB Partnership (2007)

Letters and Other Advocacy Documents, Training Materials, Slides, Pamphlets

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s Stop TB Partnership in collaboration with Constella Futures consultants designed this training manual to assist nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) develop and sustain effective advocacy skills focused on the TB/HIV epidemic. The manual includes “information on networking, communications, and policy environments; exercises on conceptualizing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating advocacy campaigns, and relevant materials for advocates.” It may be used in its entirety, as well as in sections or as a general reference, per the needs of individual NGOs.

The linked document is the training manual’s Introduction. Section I (“The Power of Numbers: Networking for Impact”), Section II (“Actors, Issues, and Opportunities: Assessing the Policy Environment”), Section III. (“The Advocacy Strategy: Mobilizing for Action”), and the handouts and references may be accessed by clicking on the links in the Table of Contents.