Criminalization of HIV/AIDS Under California Law: Webinar, Rashida Richardson, Center for HIV Law and Policy, Ayako Miyashita, The Williams Institute, Marco Castro-Bojorquez, Lambda Legal (2014)

Training Materials, Slides, Pamphlets

This webinar, led by the Center for HIV Law and Policy, the Williams Institute and Lambda Legal, presents a comprehensive overview of California’s current HIV-related laws, proposed changes to these laws, and advocacy roles and principles.

The state of California currently has four HIV-specific criminal laws or sentence enhancements. These laws can lead to prosecutions that are inconsistent with current medical and scientific knowledge and disproportionately penalize people living with HIV/AIDS.  The consequences affect numerous communities including women, communities of color, LGBT, immigrant communities, youth, and low-income individuals and families.

The webinar outlines the existing laws, suggests legislative remedies and describes organization and advocacy tactics to effect change in California.

The Webinar consisted of 29 PowerPoint slides contained in the PDF file below. The audio track, in MP3 format, contains alert signals indicating the advance to the next slide in the presentation.