Women's Advocacy Resource Connection

Women's Advocacy Resource Connection

HIV is often simply a different disease for women, with a host of distinct issues, both biological and sociological. Biologically, women who have sex with men are more susceptible to HIV than men who have sex with women, and women living with HIV experience different clinical symptoms and complications. Sociologically, women living with HIV face significant barriers to medical care and treatment (and differences in quality of care) compared to men. Gender inequalities such as socioeconomic disparities, domestic violence, and cultural expectations make women more vulnerable to HIV and, for women living with HIV, further marginalize an already marginalized population. These problems are exacerbated by the fact that while there is great diversity among women with HIV across the country, statistically they are more likely to be poor and women of color.

Women/ Women's Advocacy Resource Connection in the HIV Policy Resource Bank features resources that analyze HIV as it affects women. These resources tackle issues such as gender disparities in care, prevention methods, reproductive health and rights, stigma, the rights and needs of young women, and more, with a focus on the experiences of women of color. 

Women and HIV Listserv

The Women and HIV Listserv is an email list for women affected by HIV and their advocates. The Listserv is a collaboration of numerous women, advocates, and organizations, and is moderated by CHLP.

The Listserv is a place to share news and studies about policies that affect women with HIV, and to discuss important issues that call for the input and collaboration of women affected by HIV and their allies. It is a way to share common issues and obstacles, and to work together on solutions and strategies to achieve our common goals. The Listserv is open only to affected women and others interested in advocacy on behalf of women with HIV, and provides a place for women to openly discuss and exchange advocacy priorities and strategies.

To join the Women and HIV Listserv, please send the following to wlist@hivlawandpolicy.org:

  • Name;
  • Organization (if applicable);
  • Email address;
  • City and state; and
  • One or two sentences about why you want to join the Listserv.