HIV and Medical Forms: To Disclose Or Not To Disclose?

By Catherine Hanssens Executive Director, CHLP
The Legal Action Center's new blog starts with a helpful piece on when and how people living with HIV should disclose their status on medical forms.

The Legal Action Center (LAC) just launched a new blog, and Sally Friedman, LAC’s Legal Director, penned the first piece on HIV and medical forms.

As Sally says, “If you are a person living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) or a physician treating PLWHAs, you may face a dilemma when completing medical forms – the type required for employment, school, camp, guardianship, and other activities.  Should you disclose HIV/AIDS information?  Must you?  What if patient and doctor do not agree?” Sally’s blog, in a Q & A format, provides guidance to allow people living with HIV and their health care providers to make more informed decisions based on what the law, and the situation, might require.  The blog includes seven points to help you guide decisions on whether and how to disclose.