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One piece of the Patient Projection and Affordable Care Act, or Health Care Reform, implementation involves creation of Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans to offer options to those, such as people diagnosed with HIV but without access to employer-provided health insurance, who typically can't get affordable heatlh care coverage.  As comments to the Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services point out, the signficance of this option will be seriously diluted if premium costs, coverage of reproductive health services, overly long waiting periods, and other problems aren't addressed.

With THE POSITIVE JUSTICE PROJECT,  the Center for HIV Law and Policy launched the first national movement to repeal HIV-specific criminal laws and to end the arrest and imprisonment of people based on positive HIV test results. "Too often, people who have taken the step of getting tested for HIV are treated as if infection with the HIV virus is the equivalent of packing a loaded, unlicensed gun," said Catherine Hanssens, CHLP Executive Director.  "It's time for testing advocates to focus on a real legal barrier and danger for people contemplating an HIV test -- the laws and policies that make the fact of a positive test evidence of wrong-doing and the basis for prosecution and increased prison terms."  CHLP senior advisor Sean Strub added, "There is no more extreme manifestation of stigma than when it is enshrined in the law."

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On July 13, 2010, the Obama administration revealed its proposed strategy for dealing with the HIV treatment and prevention needs of people affected by the epidemic in the United States. The National HIV/AIDS Strategy is the culmination of work and advocacy by people living with HIV, their advocates, AIDS service organizations, federal and state agency representatives, and corporate representatives, such as pharmaceutical companies,with a stake in the plan. Please check our Blog for our thoughts on the NHAS. And read the Strategy and related administration documents here: National HIV/AIDS Strategy, National HIV/AIDS Strategy Implementation Plan, and the Presidential Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Agencies and Departments.

The Women's Advocacy Resource Connection Electronic Forum (WARC E-Forum) on women's experiences with HIV launched today, July 12. The WARC E-Forum provides a unique place to report and collect the shared experiences of women and their advocates with HIV-related discrimination in the U.S. and to address the gaps in civil and human rights protections for women living with HIV. The information gathered through the WARC E-Forum will be available to help shape implementation plans for the National HIV/AIDS Strategy to help make sure that it concretely addresses the needs and rights of HIV positive women. To join the forum click here.


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