News, information, and commentary by The Center for HIV Law and Policy.
A grassroots action--a people’s political march with no corporate floats and no police involvement--to highlight the social and political battles that continue to be fought and to shine a light on the most marginalized members of the queer community.
CHLP joins’s Stonewall50 special issue exploring the legacies that shape queer life today.
On May 3, CHLP Staff Attorney Jada Hicks participated in an HIV criminalization panel discussion as part of the educational programming for GK Callahan’s exhibit, Mapping Stigma: An Archive of the Contracting An Issue Project, at Leedy-Volkous Art Center.
CHLP Executive Director Catherine Hanssens spoke with The Appeal about how criminalizing consensual sexual contact is a “pointless, dangerous and stigmatizing response” to a public health issue, and how reform efforts must end the “irrational and unconscionable” use of sex offender registries.

CHLP joined 40+ LGBTQ and allied organizations in a letter to House and Senate Appropriations Committee members expressing strong support for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) against a Trump administration move to remove all funding for LSC from the 2020 budget. For the third year in a row, the president's proposed budget eliminates all requested funding for LSC, which serves nearly 2 million low-income people by providing critical legal representation each year.


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